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  2. Most Comfortable SUVs of 2022

Whether you spend most of your time on the road or off-roading, your SUV should provide plenty of comfort. Thankfully, you don’t need a luxury SUV to have the smoothest ride possible. Explore the most comfortable SUVs with SUViews, so you can use your SUV to explore the world.

1. Hyundai Palisade (Starting price: $33,600)

When it comes to 3-row SUVs, Hyundai’s Palisade comes out on top. This midsized SUV proves that a great ride and a great inside can come at a great price. (Our review of the Palisade offers more detail.)

What’s Great About It?

The Palisade’s comfort can’t be understated. Outside, it offers a smooth ride, all-wheel drive, and a towing capacity reaching 5,000 pounds. Inside, you’ll find plenty of room for passengers and cargo (though not necessarily both at once). The three-row seating arrangement can accommodate up to 7 or 8 passengers, depending on the model.

The infotainment system has a built-in touchscreen, and the SUV is equipped with a wireless charging station and multiple USB ports.

The Palisade also offers excellent safety features, like adaptive cruise control and automatic braking if it senses something ahead of you.

What Could Be Better?

While the Palisade is one of the most well-rounded SUVs on the market, there are a few things it could do better. For instance, there’s only 18 cubic feet of cargo space when the third row is up, which might not suit large groups of travelers. The vehicle doesn’t quite block wind noise, either, so you’ll hear the wind whistling as you cruise down the highway.

The Palisade also has a moderate combined fuel economy of 22 MPG. It isn’t bad for an SUV, but it doesn’t stand up to competitors like the Honda CR-V.

2. Honda CR-V (Starting price: $26,800)

Don’t let the fact that it’s a compact SUV fool you: the Honda CR-V provides plenty of space and comfort. If the so-called “row SUVs” are more than you need, the CR-V could be a great fit.

What’s Great About It?

The CR-V may be compact, but that doesn’t make it cramped: this trusty SUV provides up to 102.9 cubic feet of space for passengers and 75.8 cubic feet for cargo. The cushy adjustable seats and the smooth steering ensure you won’t sacrifice comfort.

This SUV offers wireless charging for your phone. USB ports are also available, not just for charging your phone and connecting it to the touchscreen display. You can hook up Apple Carplay or Android Auto for music, directions, or whatever else you want or need.

The SUV’s dual climate control allows you to control the temperature on both sides. And when you’re driving on cold winter days, some CR-V models feature not only heated front seats but also a heated steering wheel.

The CR-V’s outstanding features aren’t limited to comfort. Its combined fuel economy of 30 MPG makes it a pretty fuel-efficient option, but if you want to take it a step further, the CR-V Hybrid reaches an impressive 38 MPG combined. It also offers all-wheel drive and a trunk with a hands-free opening mechanism.

What Could Be Better?

While the CR-V is an excellent option for most people, its compact nature might not be the top choice for big families or carpool drivers: it only offers 5 seats and doesn’t have a third row. You may also have to pay more for the features you want, as certain features (like heated front seats) are only available with the more expensive trims.

Another key drawback is that the CR-V’s touchscreen can be fiddly and hard to manage, which isn’t the most pleasant experience when pulling up the navigation system.

3. Chevrolet Traverse (Starting price: $33,700)

With more room than you’d expect of a midsize model, the Chevy Traverse is the key to a comfortable ride. The SUV’s flexible handling makes it an excellent choice for long trips.

What’s Great About It?

Surprisingly nimble, the Traverse can switch between the fuel-efficient front-wheel drive and the traction-building 4-wheel drive, as well as multiple other options (like off-roading).

Its spacious interior and 3 rows of seats will fit 7 or 8 people, but if you’re looking to transport cargo, you can gain up to 98.2 cubic feet of cargo space by folding down the seats.

The touchscreen infotainment system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and offers hotspot capability. Multiple USB ports are ready to charge your device, too.

What Could Be Better?

There’s plenty of space in the Traverse. Adaptive cruise control is available, but it’s only included with the pricier models, which makes the SUV’s blind spots a much bigger hazard.

Some drivers might also be bothered by some segments of the interior, which look a bit like they’re made of plastic and can give the SUV a cheap feel.

The Traverse’s fuel economy could also be better. At a combined 21 MPG (averaging 18 MPG on city streets), it falls a bit short of models like the Palisade.

4. Honda Pilot (Starting price: $38,080)

The Honda Pilot is proof that even midsize SUVs can feel like they have the capacity of a full-size one. With a combined fuel economy of 23 MPG, the Pilot is a great option for families jetting from place to place. (For an in-depth overview, check out our review of the Pilot.)

What’s Great About It?

The Pilot is the definition of spacious. It has plenty of room for passengers, seating between 7 to 8 people, and offers quite a bit of cargo space. Temperature control can also be a breeze: some models of the Pilot feature front seats with heating and cooling systems, as well as climate control for the front, center, and back rows.

It’s easy for a ride in the Pilot to fly by because it’s equipped with a touchscreen infotainment system, USB charging, and hotspot capabilities. Some Pilots even come with a PA system inside the SUV, allowing you to communicate with backseat passengers without needing to shout over your shoulder.

What Could Be Better?

Although the Pilot is a safe car, it has its weak spots. A crash test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that the Pilot offered good head protection in the event of a side collision. However, drivers and backseat passengers were only marginally protected from pelvis and torso injuries.

Comfort-wise, the Pilot usually offers a smooth ride, but it can feel detached and poorly controlled at higher speeds. And while the third-row seats aren’t necessarily uncomfortable (particularly for younger riders), they sit lower in the car, making them unappealing for adults on long road trips.

Finally, much like the CR-V’s touchscreen, the Pilot’s touchscreen can sometimes be a bit uncooperative (which can prove somewhat frustrating).

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