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All-new compact SUV filled with refinement and attention to detail

Price From $39,425 – To $57,225

Source: www.lexus.com

by | Jul 1, 2022


How do you define luxury in a car? Does it make you think of golden accents, fine-wood cladding, and premium leather? Do you associate it to lightweight materials, cutting-edge technology, and refined construction solutions? Or is your interpretation skewed towards an equipment list that includes all the items you could possibly imagine?

Luxury has many interpretations, indeed. However, that becomes a problem in the market because each automaker tries to find a new one and specialize on it. BMW is focused on driving dynamics, Mercedes-Benz offers classic sophistication, Maserati excels at emotional design. When it comes to Lexus cars, we can say that it aims to offer a pleasant sensorial experience when driving.

In this Lexus NX 2022 review, we are going to evaluate this compact SUV based on its engine, performance, interior, comfort, warranty, and some more vital aspects. This will guide you to make an informed purchase, in case you’re eyeing this vehicle.

The NX compact SUV was completely redesigned for 2022. The all-new platform not only makes it catch up with the competition but also hints what the company’s next steps will be. Using Japanese concepts of hospitality makes its cabin welcoming and desirable while the latest technology tricks give it excellent overall efficiency. It has everything to become a compelling option in the segment.

Excellent attention to detail in terms of comfort, interior design, and trim quality
All-new platform brings a big boost in build quality and infotainment architecture
Plug-in hybrid option is available for the very first time in the NX lineup
All-wheel drive is pretty much a standard offering, including an electrified version
Dynamic behavior is focused on fuel efficiency; F Sport packages only bring minor tweaks
No option of third seat row; the RX offers it, but it is more expensive and not so spacious
Plug-in hybrid powertrain is only available in one version and comes at a high premium
Increased rear part of the body with small windows looks clumsy from some points of view

Performance, Engine, and Comfort

Even though Lexus has made some sporty models which turned out quite well, performance is not its focus – at least, not for now. Once again, the NX focuses at being pleasant for its occupants in every possible way. The cabin is beautiful, the seats are comfortable, everything is easy to operate, and the powertrain is aimed at fuel efficiency.

Engine & Performance

The biggest news here is the adoption of a plug-in hybrid option – more specifically, the same one used on the Toyota RAV4 Prime. That gives the NX strong acceleration, high fuel efficiency, and a quite interesting list of options: there are also self-charging hybrid and ICE-only setups available.


There are two flagship options: the NX350h uses a 2.5L Atkinson engine plus an electric motor to reach a combined output of 244 hp, while the brand-new NX450h+ uses a modified version of that setup and offers 309 hp. Some markets also get the NX350 with a turbocharged ICE 2.4L unit good for 279 hp and the NX250 with a 2.5L engine and 199 hp.


The hybrid version uses a Shiftmatic CVT which can simulate six virtual gears. The ICE versions, in turn, employ an eight-speed automatic transmission.


Lexus has redesigned the NX’s suspension in ways to reduce shock and vibration when traveling on rough surfaces. There were some changes on the anti-roll bars to make them lighter as well. The main highlight, however, is the F Sport’s exclusive adaptive suspension: it has expanded travel and the dampers feature smoother operation. The overall result is less roll and sharper handling.


Electric power steering is standard. Lexus claims its response is 20% faster than in the outgoing NX. Besides that, its assistance varies with the car’s speed to make maneuvers easy at low speeds while keeping high-speed corrections easily controllable.

Safety & Reliability

If you analyse the 2022 Lexus NX alone, you will see that its standard package offers many electronic systems for active and passive protection, which is awesome. However, if you analyse its main competitors, namely the German ones, you will see that they have done the same for a long time. The NX is safe and reliable, indeed, but does not really stand out in the category in this regard.


The all-new Lexus NX uses electronically controlled brakes on its hybrid versions and hydraulically controlled brakes on the ICE ones. There are larger discs, several electronic brake controls to make their operation more effective, and a pedal whose shape was redesigned to give a safer feel. For the first time, the pedal also received a damping mechanism to return.


The standard model brings front and side airbags for driver and front passenger, curtain airbags for both seat rows, knee airbag for the driver, and cushion airbag for the front passenger.


The model brings the third generation of the Lexus Safety System+, which is a full list of electronic systems. They help the car stay in its lane, help the driver deal with blind spots at all times, protect it from imminent collisions, make parking easier, and reduce the effect of an unavoidable collision.


Top-tier models use projector LED headlights with adaptive high beam function: a forward camera signals how intensely they should work. The signature L-shaped daytime running lights appear once again and have a new trick: they fade out to become turn lights when the driver needs that. The standard headlights use bi-beam LEDs with automatic high beam function.

Traction control

The model benefits from the Lexus Driving Signature, a bundle of construction notions that use the GA-K brand new platform and aim at enhancing the connection between driver and car. AWD is an optional item here, although not the same across the trim list: ICE versions use a regular full-time system while the hybrid ones use an additional electric motor to power the rear axle.

Fuel Economy

Since the bigger brother RX is a segment reference in fuel efficiency, we could only hope that a new generation of the smaller model would perform even better. That’s exactly what happens: the new NX is focused on the hybrid versions and none of them disappoint when it comes to mileage.

Engine size

We can better understand the NX’s all-new list of options with the table below:

Version Engine Power Torque
NX250 2.5L 203 hp 184 lb-ft
NX350 Turbo 2.4L 275 hp 317 lb-ft
NX350h 2.5L + electric 240 hp 167 lb-ft
NX450h+ 2.5L + electric 304 hp 176 lb-ft

The first two versions use only ICE engines and come with front-wheel drive standard. The ICE versions use an eight-speed automatic transmission while the hybrid ones use a CVT.

Gas per mileage consumption

The 2022 Lexus NX has four engine options, whose fuel efficiency information is listed below:

Version City mpg Highway mpg Combined mpg
NX250 26 33 28
NX350 22 29 25
NX350h 41 37 39
NX450h+ N/A N/A 84

There will be more information on this topic once the model is officially tested by the EPA. Lexus claims that the plug-in hybrid NX450h+ has a combined EV range of “69 to 76 km”.


Luxury is not made by simply stuffing items inside a cabin and Lexus knows that. The NX impresses for its attention to detail: external and internal lights turn on in sequence to greet the driver, the seats were designed to allow easy movements for everything, and the infotainment central is more intuitive than ever. The entire car aims at providing you with a pleasant experience.


The new seats were designed to encourage the driver to keep appropriate posture and to minimize pressure on the body when cornering. They also have concave cut-out regions to enable proper elbow movement when the person needs to reach for the console box. The front seats may have eight-way power adjustments and lumbar support, while the F Sport package adds forward/backward adjustment for the headrests.


The Tazuma cockpit design aims at integrating the design of all components. Besides that, Lexus makes sure to use high-quality build and the finest materials to give a typical premium feeling. Two noteworthy points are the ambient lighting, which can be customized according to color or mood, and a welcome sequence which turns on external lights, gauge cluster and infotainment system in a specific way as the driver approaches the vehicle and enters the cabin.


There is an all-new multimedia platform with increased computing power, quicker operation, and voice recognition. The standard system uses a 9.8” screen while the upscale one uses a 14” unit. Both are paired to some physical controls to make everything more intuitive. The top-tier system can have its layout customized by themes and accepts the creation of three different user profiles.

Trunk space

The new model has a 40-mm longer trunk space with the same height. Lexus claims a total of 19.2 ft³ behind the rear seats and 50.7 ft³ behind the front seats. There is a deckboard which can be divided in three ways, a side storage net, and a lightweight tonneau cover. Everything to give you several options to make the trunk space more appropriate for your needs.

Price and Extras

Since this is a luxury model, you should not expect pricing to be its main sales argument. However, it is quite competitive against its key rivals. Besides that, it is good to know that all-wheel drive is present on most trim levels, and that the warranty plan is among the best ones in the car market.

Market Price

The 2022 Lexus NX’s lineup is presented as the following:

Version Price
NX250 $39,425
NX350 $43,025
NX350h $42,625
NX450h+ $57,225

When it comes to trim, they differ mostly in the quantity of standard and optional items – the same happens within each version, since they can be subdivided in Premium, Luxury or F Sport.

The F Sport package brings specific dynamic upgrades, but it is offered as an independent option for the NX350 (F Sport Handling, with fewer items) and NX450h+ (F Sport, the complete package).


All-wheel drive is only optional at the NX250 trim, for extra $1,600; it is standard for all the other trims. Self-charging and plug-in hybrid versions use a specific E-Four system where an additional electric motor powers the rear axle to provide all-wheel drive.


Lexus provides one of the best warranty programs in the automotive industry. The only flaw is its complimentary maintenance schedule, which is only standard compared to its competitors.

  • Limited warranty coverage of 4 years or 50,000 miles
  • Powertrain warranty coverage of 6 years or 70,000 miles
  • Hybrid component warranty coverage of 8 years or 100,000 miles
  • Complimentary maintenance coverage of one year or 10,000 miles



This is the first Lexus car to use the e-latch system, where internal and external door handles are replaced by push buttons on the same positions. That allows people to open doors with a smooth and silent gesture which, according to Lexus, is inspired by traditional Japanese shoji room dividers.

Another favorable point is that the new platform brings the use of high-strength steel grades in key parts of the body. Besides that, there is a new laser weld technique and the use of special adhesives to join body parts in a way that maximizes rigidity while keeping the overall weight to a minimum.


Nowadays, we can say that Lexus offers enough SUVs to keep up with the several steps of its target audience in life. While the UX is the entrance gate, the NX is the second step. Think of it as the ideal partner for someone who has already reached a desirable position in their career, but still has huge potential for professional growth and to start a family over the next years.

If you fit that profile, the NX will be a perfect match. You will be amazed by its strong suits, such as the refined design and the seats that make you feel relaxed even after a long drive, not to mention that the impressive fuel efficiency will be a wonderful bonus. Parallel to that, the lack of a third row of seats and the small advancements in sportiness should not bother you.