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KIA Stonic 2021 Review

Powerful Small Urban SUV with Mild-Hybrid Engine
Price From £18,650 – £22,700

Source: www.kia.com

by | Oct 1, 2021



With its bolder and more distinctive design than any other Kia currently on sale in Europe, the new Stonic 2021 has been created to appeal exclusively to younger drivers. It seats five people comfortably with plenty of storage for their belongings, thanks to some smartly designed interior features with plenty of clever storage spaces.

The brand new Kia Stonic 2021 comprises a range of small vehicles that are popular for their lightweight, fuel-efficient design. With Kia’s new lineup of Kia Stonic 2021 vehicles, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of stylish and high-quality cars.

The new Stonic is available in four different trim levels: Kia Stonic 2, GT-Line, Connect, and GT-Line S. Each of these vehicles refines the Stonic’s personality with cool, urban elements while also offering an impressive level of standard equipment.

Seven seats fit for adults
A massive boot
Well equipped
High trim levels are pricet
Hybrid engine isn't as fuel-efficient as a Honda CR-V's
No lumbar adjustment with '2' trim

Performance, Engine, and Comfort


This powerful urban crossover promises a dynamic driving experience. Armed with striking interiors, and a sturdy engine under the hood, Kia Stonic doesn’t disappoint car connoisseurs in terms of performance, engine, and comfort. With sporty yet smooth handling, Kia successfully brings out the best of both worlds.

Engine & Performance


The base model comes with the most inexpensive engine, but it’s definitely gutsy in terms of performance. However, low rev could be an issue with this one, so if you can extend your budget by a few thousand, go for the mild hybrid option.

Engine and gear

Kia Stonic’s mild-hybrid powertrain is powered by a 118 bhp 1.0 T-GDI engine, with 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, or a manual engine. Available for GT-Line and higher trims, this high-class engine system leads to impressive fuel economy.

Kia Stonic 2 is the only trim level that has a 99 bhp 1.0 T-GDI engine. In terms of performance, it goes from 0 to 60 mph in a duration of 10.7 seconds, while the advanced engine does the same in 10.4 seconds. So whether you’re choosing the base model or the higher trims, you can expect vigorous performance in all vehicles.

Suspension & Ride

The Kia Stonic 2021 has a suspension system that is well-balanced and comfortable. The car can handle the bumps on the roads because of the fine-tuning of its suspension system. When you’re driving around, you won’t have to worry about your car bouncing up and down or hitting all the major potholes.

It’s worth mentioning that in terms of comfort and shock absorption, Kia Stonic does a decent job, if not excellent. The base trim offers a smoother ride than GT-Line and the above trims. For GT-Line, Connect, and GT-Line S, the handling can get a little rough because of firm suspension, as it’s meant for a sporty experience. However, the ride still feels extremely comfortable, and you can conveniently go on long drives with family.


Being a small and high-performance SUV, Kia Stonic offers impressive agility. Handling is convenient, but on rough roads, the suspension can become fiddly. The steering feels light, and so does gear change. But if these can be overlooked, the overall performance of Stonic is top-class.


The seven-speed automatic transmission isn’t very quiet, so it creates a considerable amount of noise and vibration while shifting gears. The engines create vibration while revving up, but it’s still on the milder side. However, when the car is rushing through highways at a great speed, road and wind noise is inevitable.

Safety & Reliability


Kia Stonic has received an ANCAP safety rating of 5 stars, based on the 2017 crash test of Kia Rio since Stonic is based on the same hatch. However, as per the latest guidelines, having central air bags is a must for any vehicle to obtain the highest safety rating. If the base model of Kia Stonic 2021 was crash tested this year, it probably wouldn’t get the highest rating.

Safety Features

Kia Stonic doesn’t fall short on standard safety features. The available safety features are:

  • ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) & Brake Assist System (BAS)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) & Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)
  • Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC)
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist
  • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
  • Driver Attention Warning (DAW)
  • High Beam Assist (HBA)
  • Gear Shift Indicator

GT-Line onwards, you will also get access to reversing camera systems to prevent any chances of backup collision. If you’re willing to shell out some extra money for the highest trim level, you’ll get Intelligent Speed Limit Assist and Blind Spot Collision Warning to make every journey safer and worry-free.


For additional safety of the driver and the passengers, all trims of Stonic feature twin front airbags, twin side airbags, twin curtain airbags, and a front passenger airbag cut-off switch.


All trims have been given electrically adjustable folding door mirrors with LED indicator lights, auto headlight control, and rear fog light as standard. The GT models have additional LED front fog lights, while the other 2 have plain fog lights.

Traction Control

All trims have Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) to offer a controlled grip on the road, no matter which road you’re driving on



With convenient seats, an updated infotainment system, and stunning stylized accents, the interiors of the new Kia Stonic appear to justify the price tag. But the major blow is the use of hard and cheap plastic at various places– it might ensure durability but doesn’t blend well with the otherwise sporty and sophisticated cabin of the vehicle.


The dashboard may not be roomy, but it features all the elements you need for a punchy ride. The steering wheel is accentuated with leather trimming, with provision for tilt and telescopic adjustment. You’ll also get a D-cut perforated leather-trimmed steering wheel for GT Line and higher trims. For GT Line S, there is a heated steering wheel available. 

Apart from the base models, all the trims have automatic air conditioning and an auto defog system to make long rides less tiresome.


The cozy interior is equipped to offer comfortable seating for 5 people. The base model interior comes covered in black clothing upholstery, while Connect gets a luxurious black and grey cloth and faux leather upholstery, with grey accents. The highest trim GT Line S boasts heated front seats, adding to the luxury. However, the interior looks cheap at places, which could have been improved.

Overall Dimensions

With seats down, the boot space is around 1,155 liters, and with seats up, the capacity is 352 liters. As we already discussed, Kia Stonic is targeting a customer base that is looking for a small size SUV. The overall dimension of this vehicle is 1520 mm X 1532 mm.


The Kia Stonic comes with a plethora of latest infotainment features that are more than enough to keep the spirits high on road. All trims are equipped with a standard 8-inch display, 6-speaker audio system, Telematics (except the base trim), 4.2-inch supervision color cluster display, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, along with front and rear USB ports. 


Even though it’s small in size, the boot space in the Kia Stonic is quite comfortable to go on long drives with family or a bunch of friends. Its 352-liter capacity may seem smaller in comparison to its competitors, but you always have the option to expand. 

If you’re looking for more space, you can create some extra cargo area by folding down the 60:40 rear seats. Once folded, the available space jumps up to 1155 liters in capacity, which is more than enough to carry heavy luggage.

Price & Extras


If you want to enjoy the luxury of an SUV below the £25,000 range, Stonic is a viable option. With a premium warranty and low depreciation levels, this car is definitely worth its value.

Market price*

The base model of the Kia Stonic range is Stonic 2, which starts from £18,650 onwards. This vehicle features 16-inch alloy wheels, a standard touchscreen display, forward collision avoidance assist, rear parking sensors, and cruise control.

The next trim level is the GT-Line, starting from £21,200. Meant for sporty handling, this vehicle comes with 17-inch GT Line alloy wheels, electric folding door mirrors, an 8-inch touchscreen navigation system with UVO Connect, classic black faux leather upholstery, and automatic air conditioning.

Connect is next, with prices starting from £21,650. It can be distinguished by its two-tone painted body, with standard features such as 17-inch alloy wheels, auto air conditioning, forward collision avoidance assist, privacy glass for rear window and tailgate, smart key, and rain-sensing wipers.

The final and highest trim of the Stonic range is the GT-Line S. This would undoubtedly be the best purchase of this series if you’re looking for a comfortable, luxurious yet sporty experience out of your SUV. Starting from a hefty £22,700, this one keeps up the expectations and comes with a host of standard features. It is equipped with a heated steering wheel and front seats, two-tone paint with a contrast tone for roof, smart key, and GT-Line black cloth and faux leather upholstery. The robust and sportier look makes these vehicles stand apart from the usual small SUVs available in the market.

Kia Stonic 2 £18,650
GT-Line £21,200
Connect £21,650
GT-Line S £22,700

*All prices are based on the UK market.


When it comes to warranty, Kia Sorento offers a greater advantage over its competitors. The premium 7-year warranty by Kia includes a coverage of 100,000 miles on each new purchase. As a result, Kia has been a top choice among first-time car buyers, as well as those looking to invest in a second-hand model.

Another boon of Kia Stonic is the minimal cost of servicing. Unlike most SUVs, this one comes with a pretty seamless servicing plan, where you can choose any convenient duration, be it for three years, or five years.
Vehicle Servicing
It is recommended that you opt for servicing every 10,000 miles or once in 12 months, whichever is early in your case.


The Kia Stonic 2021 is a perfect fit for the rapidly evolving modern automotive market. It is built to suit anyone from the urban professional to the active family. The new Stonic lineup changes the boring look of a traditional small car into a modern and stylish vehicle while achieving exceptional fuel efficiency and utility.

This is a car that offers practicality, fun, and excitement in abundance, and makes no compromises on important things like comfort, security, and performance.

The vehicle could definitely improve with the inclusion of more advanced safety features and better fuel economy, but considering the price and the size, the Stonic comes off as a good deal.