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Futuristic electric midsize SUV with excellent driving demeanor

Price From $85,095 – To $109,895

by | Aug 4, 2023


One of the best EVs in the market today, BMW iX is a vehicle of the future. At a time when governments and corporations are trying to make electric vehicles more mainstream, this one emerges as a great option in the luxury segment. With stunning driving demeanor and cutting-edge design, this midsize electric SUV has managed to become a favorite among critics and car enthusiasts alike. 

In this 2023 BMW iX review, we’ll evaluate its battery, range, performance, comfort, market pricing, warranty front, and more, and help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

Powerful EV batteries
Premium ride quality
Tasteful cabin with futuristic design
Plenty of safety and driver-assist tech
Expensive pricing makes the vehicle unaffordable for the average buyer
Exterior styling may seem bland to some buyer

Performance, Engine, and Comfort


BMW doesn’t leave much room for complaints here—the lineup is designed thoughtfully ensuring that drivers with range anxiety feel at ease and its superior cabin comfort makes every ride a memorable one.

Engine & Performance


The battery pack is powerful enough to offer a high driving range. The base model prioritizes efficiency, but if you’re looking for remarkable performance, the top trim is the right choice for you.

EV Motor

The xDrive50 uses a pair of electric motors to deliver 516 hp and 564 lb-ft of torque, while the M60 trim delivers 610 hp and 811 lb-ft of torque.


The engines offer direct drive transmission.


The vehicle is equipped with multilink front and rear suspension. It’s equipped with air suspension to deliver a sporty driving experience.


The hexagon-shaped steering wheel is convenient to handle and is responsive enough.

Safety & Reliability


BMW offers plenty of necessary safety features that make this vehicle a reliable buy for modern buyers. The previous iteration of BMW iX had received a 5-star rating from EURO NCAP.


It comes with 13.7-inch vented disc for front brakes and 13.6-inch vented disc for rear brakes. Autonomous emergency braking is standard.


Airbags are deployed during collisions to protect the driver and the occupants from any injury. In this lineup, BMW provides dual front side-mount airbags along with front and rear airbags as standard.


Blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, driver attention alert, pre and post collision safety system, stability control, 4-wheel ABS, tire pressure monitoring—the list of standard electronic features is pretty long in this lineup.


LED headlamp and daytime running lights are available in this lineup as standard.

Traction control

Traction control is a modern safety feature that prevents loss of traction of wheels while driving on slippery roads. BMW prioritizes safety and makes this feature available as part of the standard package.

Fuel Economy


As compared to traditional combustion engine vehicles, this electric SUV is a lot more efficient. Both the mileage and range of this vehicle are impressive.

Gas per mileage consumption

The xDrive 50 with 20-inch wheels is good for 86 MPGe city/ 87 MPGe highway (85 combined). With 22-inch and 21-inch wheels, the numbers are 86 MPGe and 83 MPGe respectively. The M60 with 22-inch wheels delivers 77 MPGe city/ 80 MPGe combined (78 combined) and the one with 21-inch wheels delivers 76 MPGe city/ 80 MPGe highway (77 combined).

Driving range

The xDrive50 offers 300 miles of driving range, while the performance-driven M60 offers a 290-mile driving range.



The interior of this EV focuses on delivering value. The seats are comfortable, the infotainment system is well-equipped and easy to navigate, there is a panoramic sunroof with electrochromic shading, heated seats, and more—it offers a truly premium feel.


Both the front and rear seats are tastefully crafted. The front seats come with a 40.2-inch legroom, leatherette upholstery, and multi-level heated seats for the driver and the passenger. The rear seats come with a 38.9-inch legroom but a slightly low seating position. As for upholstery and trimmings, you can choose between faux-leather, genuine leather, and textile fabric.


The interior design is futuristic and attractive, while the exterior is more focused on simplicity and practicality. BMW ensures that the lineup looks aesthetically pleasing inside out, and has a commanding presence that demands attention.


Powered by BMW’s iDrive 8.5 software, the infotainment system allows customization and voice-assistance features. You get a 14.9-inch display with standard Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, WiFi hotspot, and 5G connection. Audiophiles would particularly like this lineup as it offers an 18-speaker Harman/Kardon stereo system as part of the standard package.

Overall height and space

This EV is 195 inches long, 87.8 inches wide, 66.8 inches in height, and has a wheelbase of 118.1 inches.

Trunk space

The base cargo area amounts to 35.5 cubic feet. You can max it up to 77.9 cubic feet by folding down the rear seats.

Price and Extras


EVs in general are more expensive than regular vehicles. The BMW iX is priced similar to luxury vehicles, with the top trim touching over $100k.

Market Price

This midsize electric SUV is priced way higher than regular midsize SUVs. While the lineup does come with plenty of impressive features, the price point could have been a bit more affordable to make EVs a viable option for buyers with a medium budget.

Trim Level Base Price
xDrive50 $85,095
M60 $109,895


All-wheel drive (AWD) is the standard setup for both trim levels.


The vehicle is covered by a base warranty of 4 years or 50,000 miles, drivetrain warranty of 4 years or 50,000 miles, EV battery of 8 years or 100,000 miles, and rust warranty of 12 years. You get roadside assistance for 4 years or unlimited miles, along with free maintenance for 3 years or 36,000 miles.


When equipped with trailer brakes, BMW XI can maximum tow up to 2500 kgs. Without the brakes, the base capacity is 750 kgs.


Overall, the 2023 BMW iX stands out as a compelling option in today’s high-end EV market. Its innovative features, comfortable cabin, powerful battery pack, high driving range, and reliable warranty front make it an attractive buy for tech-savvy buyers. If you have a high budget and you’re looking for a luxury experience, this EV surely won’t disappoint. Electrification is the future, and there’s no better way to future-proof your purchase than investing in an EV.