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A compact SUV with a highly rational approach

Price From $27,755 – To $40,430

Source: www.ford.com

by | Apr 27, 2022


In this 2022 Ford Escape review, we aim to evaluate the car for some of the major aspects, including engine, performance, safety, interior, market price, among others. Once you go through our analysis, you’ll have a better understanding of the vehicle, and you can decide whether you’d like to purchase this. 

We all know that the SUV segment has become large and competitive enough to deserve more and more subdivisions as the years pass. Ford is one of the companies which have taken a “divide and conquer” approach at the compact subcategory: brought the Bronco Sport to appeal to emotional buyers and made the Escape more focused on the city than ever – which is ironic given its name.

The problem with such strategy is that each model ends up with a limited sales potential: the most important highlights of the 2022 Ford Escape are the two hybrid powertrains and a great standard safety package, which are hardly breathtaking. If you want a fuel-efficient people mover for up to five people, you are in the narrow market niche to which the Escape can be considered irresistible.

Gasoline-only, self-charging hybrid, and plug-in hybrid powertrain options available.
Generous list of electronic safety items available even for the cheapest trim level.
Handsome design inside and out drives the Escape away from the “new minivan” image
Most desirable items, trims and powertrain options come at a rather high additional cost.
Cheaper versions are poorly equipped and use too many low-grade plastic items inside.
The absence of emotion-oriented versions makes this SUV too utilitarian and forgettable.

Performance, Engine, and Comfort


If you are looking for an urban SUV focused on small families, the Escape will be perfect for you. It only seats five, but can treat them to some high-quality internal details, up-to-date infotainment, and a selection of powertrain options that leaves no one behind. Unfortunately, all the nice parts of that come at extra cost; the only free lunch here is the large safety package that comes as standard.

Engine & Performance


If we ever accepted that the SUV is the new obsession in the car world, we would see that the same people who used to buy the Focus could be easily drawn to the Escape. From the powertrain types to the dynamic behavior, everything in this car begs you not to drive it outside the city.


The base option is a three-cylinder, turbocharged 1.5L engine which makes 181 hp of power and 190 lb-ft of torque. In high-end versions, it is upgraded to a four-cylinder, also turbocharged 2.0L unit which raises those figures to 250 hp and 280 lb-ft. But there are two more available.

The electrified Escape uses a naturally aspirated, four-cylinder 2.5L engine associated with an electric motor. In the self-charging hybrid version, the combined figures are 200 hp and 155 lb-ft. The plug-in hybrid changes the first figure to 221 hp and keeps the other one intact.


Both gasoline options are always equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission with overdrive function. Both hybrid options are always equipped with a CVT.


The Escape has had average performance in this regard. Its suspensions have no special options or adjustments available and their dynamic behavior yields neither compliments nor complaints.


Now that Ford offers the Bronco Sport as a light off-road counterpart, the Escape was freed to aim at urban drivers. While it still offers the typically elevated seating position of an SUV, its manners are much more closer to those of a sedan than of an off-roader.

Safety & Reliability


Economy of scale works in tricky ways. Whenever the installation of an item requires complex changes on the car, that item is usually made standard despite being expensive because it would be even more expensive to design a variation of the project which does not use it. Ford has surely used that to equip the 2022 Escape with a rather surprising package of safety items as standard.


This model is equipped with standard disc brakes on all wheels and includes ABS, automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping system.


Every unit of the 2022 Ford Escape brings dual-stage front and side airbags for driver and front passenger, curtain airbags for the first and second seat rows, and knee airbag for the driver. There is also an occupancy sensor to prevent unnecessary deployments.


Ford has equipped the 2022 Escape with a long list of electronic systems focused on safety: besides the ones mentioned in the topics above, there are blind-spot monitoring, collision mitigation, cross-traffic alert, driver monitoring, low tire pressure warning, MyKey (package of restrictions aimed at teenage drivers), and roll, stability, and traction control.


While LEDs are used on the tail lights and the daytime running lights, the standard headlights use projectors with halogen lamps. LED headlights are available at the upscale versions.

Traction control

The standard setting for this vehicle is front-wheel drive, but almost every version can be upgraded with all-wheel drive – some use it as standard. Traction is also improved by the electronic systems mentioned above.

Fuel Economy


What can you say about the most fuel-efficient compact SUV? The plug-in hybrid may be expensive to buy, but you are surely going to save a lot on gas if you drive it frequently. If that is not your case or you simply want to spend less, the 1.5L makes up for its coarse nature by being the runner up.

Engine size

The gasoline engines are a three-cylinder 1.5L and four-cylinder 2.0L and 2.5L units. The first two are turbocharged and work on their own, while the third is naturally aspirated and works with electric motors in order to make the Escape’s self-charging and plug-in hybrid variations.

Gas per mileage consumption

Among the gasoline-only models, the 1.5L engine accounts for the most fuel-efficient option: the EPA estimates 27 mpg in the city, 33 mpg on the highway, and 30 mpg combined. If you want the most efficiency in general, the plug-in hybrid makes 40 mpg combined and presents a surprising electric equivalency of 105 MPGe.



The fact that we see this practice so often does not make it any less frustrating. The 2022 Ford Escape can bring many interesting items, such as the B&O audio system, the leather seats, and even the heads-up display, but they are limited to the high-end trim which comes with a high price tag.


While textured fabric upholstery is standard, intermediate versions replace it with high-quality faux leather and the upscale Titanium with genuine leather. This model has not received noteworthy compliments or complaints regarding the available space.


Ford’s latest design identity aims at angular shapes with a sporty touch which makes the whole style quite modern. That makes the Escape suitable for younger families in that regard. On the other hand, there are too many low-grade plastic parts on certain regions of the cabin.


While the base version gets a highly limited system, most of the others receive an 8” screen which commands the Sync 3 infotainment central which can connect with your smartphone via app to offer a few remote functions. The Titanium adds a ten-speaker B&O sound system and a 12.3” digital gauge cluster.

Overall height and space

The 2022 Ford Escape has a total height of 66.1 inches and offers 103 ft³ of passenger volume. That is used by up to five occupants divided in two rows of seats.

Trunk space

The base volume is 34.4 ft³. If you fold down the second row of seats, you will raise that to a maximum of 60.8 ft³.

Price and Extras


The ideas mentioned on the previous topics have a clearer reflection here. In short, the 2022 Ford Escape (and many direct competitors) forces you to choose between an affordable car with subpar appearance and poor equipment list or a nicely-equipped model whose price falls so close to that of larger and more refined models that it is no longer appealing in the end.

Market Price

The 2022 Ford Escape is available in the following options:

S $27,755
SE $29,090
SEL $31,465
Titanium $37,475
SE Hybrid $30,415
SEL Hybrid $32,780
Titanium Hybrid $35,320
SE Plug-in Hybrid $35,185
SEL Plug-in Hybrid $37,920
Titanium Plug-in Hybrid $40,430

AWD is available at an extra cost of $1,500 and may equip all versions except for the plug-in hybrid versions. When it comes to S, SE, SEL and Titanium, the differences are largely concentrated on the number of items offered as standard, with few trim improvements as well.


The standard setup is front-wheel drive. All gasoline and self-charging hybrid versions may be upgraded with all-wheel drive; the only exceptions are the gasoline Titanium, which has AWD as standard, and all the plug-in hybrid versions, which can only use front-wheel drive.


The limited coverage is of three years or 36,000 miles while the powertrain coverage lasts for five years or 60,000 miles. Hybrid versions also have a specific components warranty of eight years or 100,000 miles. There is no complimentary scheduled maintenance.


If you are looking for a primarily rational purchase, the 2022 Ford Escape has almost everything to suit you and your family. However, if you are looking for at least an ounce of emotion, there are better options available in the market.